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Certified Computer Forensic Examiners and      Data Recovery

In this age, participants in the legal arena demand professional forensic evidence analysis.
                  Computer Forensics is no exception. 

Proper forensic capture and analysis of digital evidence, regardless of the source, must be conducted if the evidence is to see the light of judicial process.  Of these professionals, you want a qualified investigator, not an IT Specialist, there is a clear difference. 

As computers proliferate, electronicevidence (E-evidence) is becoming more and more critical to court cases. 

More and more court cases are being won with theproper submission of electronic evidence (E-evidence).  It is imperative when evidence in your casecenters around a digital device, you have a computer forensic investigator who understandsthe legal issues and necessary procedures in the forensic imaging and analysisof digital devices on your team. 

G2 Research Inc. has fully trained investigators with knowledgeof all aspects of computer forensics:  properevidence handling, broad knowledge of computer systems, computer forensicinvestigations experience, and extensive legal training.